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Nestled in the Blue Ridge mountains just 1.5 hours north of Atlanta. Blue Mountain Bikes is a family-owned shop that started back in 2016 by two local families who had a passion for riding and supporting young children who are competitive in the cycling community.

We started with a small building on 1st Street above downtown Blue Ridge but quickly grew and moved to our current location on Highway 515 in Blue Ridge.

In July of 2020, we landed on the great fortune of purchasing the shop from one of the owning families as we relocated permanently to the mountains. We continue to pride ourselves in our family involvement. If the kids aren’t welcoming customers and providing information, you just might find them in the back wrenching on anything from a cross-country, downhill, enduro or BMX bike.

In recent years, we have added several big bike brands as well as a wide variety of accessories and gear.  We pride ourselves on our ground up custom build bikes which has allowed us to build great relationships with outstanding brands that include Factor, HT, Deity, and 5Dev to name a few. We have also added and grown our rental bike fleet for guests as well as offering full and half day guided trips in and around the local area.

Giving Back


We are incredibly fortunate to live in this area with such an unbelievable riding landscape. We already

have a ton of trail options to suit all levels of riders. We also see the opportunity for tremendous

growth of more trails and continued local support of the mountain biking community. We are always

looking for ways to introduce new people and involve our community in the sport of mountain biking.

At Blue Mountain Bikes, we understand the future of the sport lies with the growth and opportunity for

our youth. We support our local youth in the Fannin County Composite and High School teams.

Mountain biking allows children to get outside, be a part of a team and competitive environment. The

personal enrichment and health benefits of starting early will set the stage for the future of the sport as

well as our youth. Please feel free to contact us for more information regarding your middle school or

high school athlete with interests in joining our local team.

We are excited to work closely with the Georgia Cycling Association

and our local youth through the Fannin County Composite MTB team 



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